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We're fishing again!

NOW we've restarted fishing, we're keen to let everyone know how things are going at Monikie Angling Club.
And, boy, are they going well with some super catches, as you'll see below.
This page is updated every week. If you've had a good day at Monikie, why not drop us an email at to let us know how you got on? We’d be delighted to hear from you.
Please remember that once anglers have kept their allocated rod limit of fish they must stop fishing and leave the water.
Where fishing catch and release (using barbless or de-barbed hooks) anglers must stop fishing when they have their limit, and have released 15 fish.

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Week ending June 27

Successful Lines and Patterns included Sink Tip, Midge Tip and Floating Lines with Alexandria, Boobies, Hot Head Damsel, PT Nymph, Snatchers, Claret Midas, Black Hoppers. Cormorants, Diawl Bach, FABs and Bibio.

Island Pond only (North Pond not yet open), Day session

46 boats (65 rods) keeping 203 fish and returning 372.


3 Sessions only – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – 14 boats (21 rods) keeping 69 fish and returning 140.

Notable Catches

Visitors M Smith and A Green keeping 10 fish and returning 15.
J Gibb keeping 5 and returning 15.
G Grzywa keeping 5 and returning 3.
K Giblin and R McLellan keeping 10 and returning 12.
D Roy returning all 15 caught.M Ferguson returning all 15 caught.
J Tolmie returning all 15 caught.
G Bell and D Brown keeping 10 and returning 9.
Visitors K Duncan and son keeping 10 and returning 10.
Visitors S Duncan and H Duncan keeping 10 and returning 17.
Visitors S Duncan and D Simpson keeping 6 and returning 18.
D Dutch and A Middleton keeping 10.

Heavier Fish

Bob McLellan with a rainbow of 7 lbs 4 ozs (see pic on News page).
Alex Murray with one at 5.5 lbs and another 4.5 lbs (see pic taken by Pete Walls).

Week ending June 20

Successful Lines and Patterns included Floating, Midge Tip and Sinking Line teamed with Olive Damsel, Black Hopper Black Buzzers, CDCs, GRHE and Black Hopper with red head.

Island Pond, Day

58 boats (90 rods) keeping 96 fish and returning 119.

Island Pond, Evening

4 boats (7 rods) keeping 21 fish and returning 6.

Notable Catches

K Robertson keeping 5 fish and returning 4.
A Phillip and S Dryden keeping 7 fish and returning 10.
D Dutch and A Middleton keeping 8 fish.
D Simpson and S Duncan keeping 8.

Week ending June 13

Successful Lines and Patterns included Floating, Midge Tip, Sinking and Intermediate Lines with Yellow and White Booby, Pink and White Booby, Black Cripple Midge, Green and Black Lures, Red Diawl Bach, Yellow Dancer, Various Fabs and Boobies, Red and Black Cormorants, Olive Damsel, Olive Midas. Claret Hopper, Olive CDC, Buzzers and Blobs.

Island Pond, Day

57 boats (84 rods) keeping 173 fish and returning 309.

Island Pond, Evening (two only)

22 boats (38 rods) keeping 36 fish and returning 40.

Notable Catches

C Elder returning all 12 fish caught.
M Ferguson and J Thoms keeping 5 fish and returning 35.
S Reith and P Moir keeping 1 and returning 12.
B Robertson and A Phillip keeping 10 and returning 15.
D Ezzi and E Brophy returning all 28 caught.
D Ezzi and K Ezzi returning all 25 caught.
B Robertson and A Ramshaw keeping 10 and returning 12.
D Roy returning all 13 caught.

Week ending June 6

First six days after restart. Successful Lines and Patterns included Floating, Sinking and Midge Tip lines with Diawl Bach, Small Orange Blob, Cormorant, Green Booby, Green Peter, Kate McLaren and Black and Red Lures.

Island Pond only open

44 Boats (57 rods) keeping 215 fish and returning 393.

Notable Catches

R Keith keeping 5 fish and returning 10.
S Reith returning all 17 caught.
A Brown keeping 5 and returning 5.
J Gibb and K Bodie keeping 10 fish and returning 20.
D Dutch and A Middleton keeping 10 fish and returning 9.
D Roy returning all 16 caught.
A Murray and A Strachan keeping 1 and returning 23.
D Moodie returning all 10 caught.
J Forteath returning all 16.
M Ferguson returning all 32 caught.
S Morrison and E Young keeping 5 and returning 20.
R Grubb and S Richmond keeping 3 and returning 26.
K Robertson and P Glen keeping 8 and returning 16.
M Tidcombe and P Kilminster keeping 10 and returning 6.
J Geddes keeping 5 and returning 8.

Week ending March 14

Bad news. Four days lost due to high winds this week. However we did have some fishing with successful patterns including Cat's Whisker and Black Minkie.

Island Pond

9 boats (14 rods) keeping 11 fish for 27 lbs 2 ozs and returning 12.

Week ending March 7

Season opened on Wednesday March 4. Successful lines and patterns included Intermediate, Sink and Midge Tip and Floating Lines teamed with Nomads, Cat's Whisker, Humungus, Black Minkie and FABs.

Island Pond

23 boats (38 rods) keeping 45 fish for 99 lbs 3 ozs and returning 48.

North Pond

3 boats (4 rods) keeping 1 fish for 3 lbs and returning 1.

Notable Catches

D Roy and W Milne returning all 12 caught including 3 tagged fish with one estimated between 5 or 6 lbs.
D Borthwick and K Borthwick keeping 6 fish for 16 lbs 4 ozs including a tagged fish of 4 lbs 7 ozs.
K Giblin and B McLellan keeping 7 fish for 15 lbs
Visitor C Davidson and member E Ross keeping 5 fish for 10 lbs and returning 4.
Visitors D Smith and boat partner keeping 8 fish for 16l bs.
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  • A classic drift over the North Pond. Photo by George Potts.

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