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Who’s catching what, and where

WE’RE always keen to let everyone know how the fishing is going at Monikie Angling Club, so this page is updated every week.
If you've had a good day on one of the Monikie waters, why not drop us an email at and let us know how you got on? We’d be delighted to hear from you.
Please remember that once anglers have kept their allocated rod limit of fish they must stop fishing and leave the water.
Where fishing catch and release (using barbless or de-barbed hooks) anglers must stop fishing when they have their limit, and have released 15 fish.

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Week ending March 5

A space for info to come.

Week ending March 12

Successful lines and Patterns included . . .

Island Pond, Day Session

?? boats (?? rods) keeping ?? fish for ?? lbs ? ozs and returning ??.

North Pond, Day Session

? boat (? rods) keeping ? fish for ? lbs and returning .

Clubs out


Notable returns


Heavier fish

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  • A classic drift over the North Pond. Photo by George Potts.

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