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The Ponds

The three ponds (reservoirs) that are fished by the Monikie Angling Club were created in the mid-1800s to provide the water supply to the nearby city of Dundee. If you'd like to read a bit about the history of the park and the area, please have a look at The Monikie Website. The ponds are no longer used as a water supply, but do now provide some great quality fishing.

Island Pond

At 76 acres the Island pond is the largest of the two ponds in Monikie Country Park and is stocked with both rainbow and brown trout. There are 11 boats available on this pond and last season fish from this pond averaged 2lb 01oz.

If you are lucky you may see the local osprey demonstrating how to catch trout, or you may even be lucky enough to see the family of otters that have setup home on one of the islands.

The Bailiff's hut and pier A view from the Bailiff's hut

Early morning on the Island pond  A calm summer's evening on the Island Pond A view from the Bailiff's hut

North Pond

At 45 acres the North pond is the smaller of the ponds in Monikie park and is stocked with rainbow trout. There are 6 boats available on this pond and last season the fish from this pond averaged 2lb 02oz.

North pond pier

View over North pond View over North pond View over the North pond


The Crombie reservoir (44 acres) is set within the grounds of the beautiful Crombie Country Park and is located 2 miles along the road from Monikie. Crombie is stocked only with brown trout. There are 4 boats available on Crombie and last year the fish averaged 14oz. This pond is virtually surrounded by trees and you could easily mistake it for a natural loch. There is plenty of fauna and flora surrounding Crombie,  and if you are lucky you may even see some of the local deer feeding around the pond. Note that keys and lifejackets for Crombie must be collected from the Bailiff's hut at Monikie.

Crombie from the air

      The pier on Crombie Evening on Crombie